here you will find almost all of the artwork that i created after the process of writing my book, it seemed unfinished without visual interpretations of how things felt, the words just weren't enough for me to feel like i've interpreted things correctly

in the beginning a lot of the pieces were created digitally, simply because they needed to be done quickly, i felt like i was gonna burst if i didn't get them out quick enough, there was many a night i never saw my bed

soon i realized that my sketches were taking a form of there own interpretation of the past events, and when i brought both styles together to see what would happen they simply worked

it was the most enjoyable creative venture i've taken thus far in my life, i hope you enjoy them as much as i loved creating them

if see something that you liked, email me the number and i will send you a (.pdf) 8.5x11 of the piece and you will be able to print it out, of course you will need to have acrobat reader in order to open the file, don't fret, it's free go to

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